Sunday, February 28, 2010

Color Rabbit/Benny the Church Mouse split cassette(Darbolistic Rex, 2010)

listen for free, and buy at Darbolistic Rex

Split with Big Drum in the Sky Religion & Endometrium Cuntplow (Love Torture, 2010)

get a copy at Love Torture Records

Snowdrift Constellations & Moon Landing - CDR (LFT, 2010) & Cassette (Felt Cat, 2010)
Explorations through ideas of snow.

Split cassette with Tretetam (Ikuisuus 2010)

Copies at Ikuisuus or

Awarenessness - CDR (Ikuisuus, 2009)
"Exploring sound through improvisation, collage, voodoo magic, electric tribalism, and ancient Chinese medicine, Color Rabbit's *Awarenessness* is intended to bring you to the isness of the Now Here. With it's folky psychedelic space travel soaring from the influential roots of Haitian dirt stomp and ambient Tuvan throat drone it, if given full attention, will send you on trips untraveled."

get a copy at Ikuisuus

A Live Once & Reincarnations-3" CDR (Darbolistic Rex 2009)
Excerpts from a live set performed at WMUA in Amherst, Ma recorded by Alex Hornbeck sometime in September of 2009. Listen to/download/get a copy at Darbolistic Rex

ReFuk 4 (darbolistic rex 2009)
Source sounds by Color Rabbit remixed by Arual Resorection Unit and Pink Blatch. Listen to/download/get a copy at Darbolistic Rex


Day Dreams - 30 min Cassette (Darbolistic Rex 2009)

Spacious lo-fi electric dreams floating on 30 minutes of tape. listen to/download/get a copy at Darbolistic Rex or


Sperm Whales // Color Rabbit split CDR (Little Fury Things 2009)

"two of my favorite sound friends made a split together and it's the best i've heard from either. both have gotten a ton of support and fans of either will be stoked by what happens when they play this. the five spermwhales tracks are his most extreme in their purity, beauty and grace. the colorabbit tracks are somehow both more focused and more stream-of-conscious affairs. rad album art and insert by colorabbit. the first time i played this i was playing boggle stoned and i still can't shake my first experience with this release. this is a sweet treat with 13 songs running 58 mins!"-LFT

get a copy at Little Fury Things or


Space Placement - full length CDR (LFT 2009)

"I hear new things every time i enter its foliage. 48 minutes of beautiful, forward-tumbling, stream-of-unconsciousness. sliding from camp sing-songs to digital deconstruction to buried-alive folk wonderment, everything encapsulated. this is what i imagine when i imagine what i want music to sound like. rad art and insert by the man himself."-LFT

get a copy at Little Fury Things



REFUK 05 : Aural Resuscitation Unit

source sounds by Aural Resuscitation Unit refuked by Color Rabbit & Be Rock.

Listen to/get a copy at Darbolistic Rex